KEY TOOL cut/ Key multi-tool

The small compact multi-tool key, with a professional, replaceable parcel and letter opener, is made out of high-quality matt stainless steel and finished with a refined Opel logo engraving. 14 functions in one small tool leave hardly anything to be desired: replaceable parcel and letter opener (a click-in replacement blade is included), bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, two spoke keys, three hexagon keys, socket key, nail puller, centimetre ruler, inch ruler, keyring eyelet.

Material: rust-free stainless steel
Format/Contents: approx. 70.4 x 29.8 x 3.9 mm
Packaging: single in individually printed packaging

Item.ID.: OC11544
Vendor: Verticas
€ 8.25 incl. tax